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10/23/21Park Central Shopping Mall, Phoenix
9/6/21Coconino County Fair, Flagstaff
6/20/21Flagstaff Folk Fest
11/14/20Herberger Theater Festival of the Arts, Phoenix
9/7/20Coconino County Fair, Flagstaff [Virtual Performance]
12/13/19Acker Music Night, Prescott
4/14/19Elks Lodge, Flagstaff
3/24/19Arizona Jewish Historical Society Hall, Phoenix
1/18/19Flagstaff Mall: Food Court Winter Music Series
6/30/18Flagstaff Folk Fest
12/8/17Acker Music Night, Prescott
6/24/17Flagstaff Folk Fest
6/3/17New Moon Tribal Recital, Prescott
3/11/17Ustadza's wedding, Prescott
10/2/15Whyld Ass, Flagstaff
9/10/15Heritage Square, Flagstaff
8/21/15Heritage Square, Flagstaff
8/8/15New Moon Tribal Recital, Prescott
8/7/15First Friday at Whyld Ass with Gypsy Chicks, Flagstaff
7/3/15First Friday at Whyld Ass with Gypsy Chicks, Flagstaff
6/28/15Flagstaff Folk Fest
6/13/15Opened for the Spokes at Dr. Yard's old barn house, Flagstaff
4/3/15Hafla Arabiyya for NAU Arabic Club at Kaibab Room, Flagstaff
2/21/15Market of Dreams opening, Flagstaff
12/12/14Acker Music Night, Prescott
9/21/14Gumption Festival with Tierza and Carrie, Sedona
2/28/14Sundara with Tierza Jacobs and Ellen Fiori, Flagstaff
9/28/13Orpheum: Beans and Rice benefit for the Poore Free Clinic, Flagstaff
9/17/13Concert with Hojarasca, Arcosanti
4/13/13House concert hosted by Konrad Kaserer, Flagstaff
12/1/12Sultana Theater: A Knight to Remember (GC Ren Faire Benefit), Williams
9/22/12Z House Gallerie and Boutique opening, Flagstaff
8/12/12Orpheum: Beans and Rice benefit for the Poore Free Clinic, Flagstaff
6/15/12Laura Taylor eid milaad at Pizza Furiosa, Flagstaff
5/5/12NPA prom - Arabian Nights, Flagstaff
3/2/12Sundara with Troup Shuvani, Flagstaff
12/31/11Sundara New Year's Eve Show, Flagstaff
9/2/11Sundara, Flagstaff
6/11/11Sundara, Flagstaff
5/29/11Bookmans, Flagstaff
12/18/10Hollywood Alley, Mesa
7/31/10MECDA Summer Showcase with Mahin and Carrie, Flagstaff
7/4/10Grand Canyon Renaissance Faire with Troupe Shuvani
7/3/10Grand Canyon Renaissance Faire with Troupe Shuvani
6/20/10Flagstaff Music Festival with White Lotus
6/19/10Tsunami Festival in Prescott with White Lotus
5/29/10FMF CD release Party, The Green Room, with Carrie Konyha
3/7/10Flagstaff Holistic Faire with Holly and Pam
11/14/09Caravan Dreams at Relics (Sedona) with Carrie Konyha
10/17/09Old Town Center for the Arts, Cottonwood, with the Gypsy Chicks
9/6/09Art in the Park with the Gypsy Chicks
7/5/09Coconino Center for the Arts with the Gypsy Chicks
6/20/09Flagstaff Music Festival, with some of the Gypsy Chicks
6/19/09Promo for Flagstaff Music Festival, Bookman's in Flagstaff
6/5/09First Friday with Carrie Konyha at the Hillside in Sedona
4/17/09Prelude music at Theatrikos' The Comedy of Errors
4/4/09Prelude music at Theatrikos' The Comedy of Errors
1/11/09Gift in Shift Conference (Sedona) with the Gypsy Chicks
11/1/08Caf� Afify in Anthem with Pam G and Pam H
11/1/08Levant al Sonora Fall Festival with the Gypsy Chicks
10/31/08Mystic Masquerade Ken's Creekside with Carrie Konyha & Habib
9/27/08Medieval Fantasy Festival (Holbrook) with Veiled Enchantment
9/13/08Prescott Valley World Arts Festival with the Gypsy Chicks
8/29/08Heritage Square with Robin and Laura
7/4/08Art Walk at Rainbow's End with Pam G, Holly, and Laura
6/21/08Flagstaff Music Festival with Jeela, Laura, Robin, and Pam H
4/19/08Earth Day at Sapphire Studios, first performance with the Gypsy Chicks
4/5/08Wymen's Fest at Northern Arizona University with Troupe Shuvani