The Van Gelder Papers

"Can any miser use his money?" inquired the other; "yet no miser will part with it."
—"Nick Wanzer's Adventure."

John Treat Irving, Jr., nephew of the illustrious Washington Irving: how could any literary endeavor of his survive comparison? Well, for my part I will say this: I have enjoyed reading his work. Shall one or two of his readily-salvageable publications be consigned to History's dust-bin in my conscious presence? I say, not!

The Knickerbocker Gallery initially drew my attention to his work, by including a version of "Zadoc Town." The story was republished in The Van Gelder Papers, a slender volume which required relatively little effort on my part to bring forth in Kindle Form. This collection is a worthwhile read, and I intend to check out The Attorney as well.

So here it is: the master HTML version, the home-brew Kindle version, and the actual Amazon publication.

November 25, 2019

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