Teppan Fuji

This place has a somewhat better non-sushi lunch selection than Hiro's Sushi. While not by any means the best Japanese food I've had, it's perfectly fine, and inexpensive, and the location is convenient.

The place now has new owners, and a new interior: it looks more like a wanna-be upscale Hilton or Marriott rather than the understated setting it used to have. The menu has changed, but it's still good, although not as quite good as it used to be. They also have a new web site.

They now have an all-you-can-eat lunch special (appetizers, sushi, rolls). Be careful, the portions are large! You're safe starting out with miso soup and seaweed salad, but only order one item at a time after that. Unfortunately, they've dropped their lunchtime yakisoba, so if I want that now I need to go to somewhere else, such as Hiro's.

The new teppan chef (they're calling it hibachi now, which is incorrect) is more flashy than the old one was. I still prefer being served from the kitchen.

Web site
Business Category:Local establishment (1-2 locations)
Breakfast (1-10):
Lunch (1-10):7
Dinner (1-10):
Cleanliness (1-10):8
Service (1-10):7
Noise (1-10):7
How often visited:Many times
How likely to return:Probably Yes
Last known visit:2018-07-18
Last updated:2018-08-05

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