Sportsman's Bar & Grill

I have fond memories of this place. It was THE place to go watch a Green Bay Packer game, and I suppose it still is, though itís been a number of years since Iíve been there for a football game. Itís the only place in town I know of where you can get a fried clam basket. The patty melt and chili are very good, but I still prefer Bun Huggers for that. The philly steak is excellent. Very good fish fry: even though the place was jam-packed for the World Cup, I had good service and received my food quickly, so I'm bumping up the service score a point.
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Business Category:Local establishment (1-2 locations)
Breakfast (1-10):
Lunch (1-10):7
Dinner (1-10):
Cleanliness (1-10):6
Service (1-10):7
Noise (1-10):5
How often visited:Many times
How likely to return:Probably yes
Last known visit:2018-07-10
Last updated:2018-08-05

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