I wish I could say that there is a truly great salad bar in Flagstaff, but there isn't. Sizzler is the best in town, period. Other than Flame Broiler and Subway, this is the only large chain I eat at on a fairly regular basis, and I rarely order anything other than the salad bar. On the plus side, there's a large selection. The service is always good, and the manager is friendly. My favorites are the California kale salad and the tomato basil soup. On the minus side, sometimes the veggies are pretty limp, even having just opened for lunch.

Yes, Iíve had steaks here, and I think theyíre a bargain (heck, Iíll take Ďem over Outback anytime), and I have definitely appreciated the Malibu chicken, but when the all-you-can-eat riblets are on special, Iím present and accounted for!

While I donít consider myself frugal to the point of overkill (one of my best friends tears his paper towels in half), I do think that Sizzlerís salad bar is overpriced. Perhaps itís because I donít stuff myself comatose on the non-salad items, but to pay $14 for at best a $9 salad experience sometimes steps on my toes.

That reminds me of what was the only other large salad bar in town: Souper Salad, where Picazzoís currently is. Lunch there was expensive even for the time, and I was not at all impressed with it. Even then I preferred Sizzler.

I canít remember where I was at the time, but I heard people right next to me compliment the salad bar at Grannyís Closet. But seriously, folks. Thatís just plain pathetic.

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