Red Lobster

I get in the mood to eat here an average of 2-3 times a year, sometimes more, sometimes less. Even though itís a large chain, the food is dependable and the service is always good. Iíve always been fond of the stuffed mushrooms and stuffed flounder, and the cheddar biscuits are a decadent delight. The lobster bisque is too salty.

For a while, they had a fascinating jambalaya with rosemary, but they dropped it. The Bar Harbor lobster bake is outstanding. Sometimes Iíll check out their annual CrabFest and LobsterFest, but another year I might not be in the mood at all.

Recently, they started serving lunch specials with a side of soup or salad. The crab melt sandwich is one of my favorites (when they offer it). Other times they may offer an appetizer such as the stuffed mushrooms or a half lobster pizza. Once I had their lobster truffle mac & cheese, and that was seriously decadent.

Also, they've put out a rewards app for Android/iOS, where you scan receipts, accumulate reward points, and get free food. It's a great idea, but unfortunately you cannot run the app offline. The local Red Lobster doesn't have wi-fi, which my Android device requires, so I have no way to redeem reward points onsite. Hopefully, someday they will get their act together on this.

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Business Category:Large chain or franchise (>20 locations)
Breakfast (1-10):
Lunch (1-10):7
Dinner (1-10):7
Cleanliness (1-10):7
Service (1-10):8
Noise (1-10):7
How often visited:Many times
How likely to return:Probably yes
Last known visit:2018-06-27
Last updated:2018-07-08

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