Picazzo's Healthy Italian Kitchen

UPDATE: Lonespur Cafe is moving in to this location. Not exactly an organic restaurant, but the one in Prescott is popular. Stay tuned!

The menu changes every year or so, and I've seen a number of very good items come and (unfortunately) go away again. The spinach cannelloni is a perennial favorite, as is the chipotle chicken. Right now I really like the kale pesto quinoa bowl and spicy Thai quinoa bowl; I wish they would offer more hot quinoa choices. I'm also very fond of the sriracha slaw, and wish they would offer it as a side for the lunch combo. They used to have some outstanding soups, such as pea/fresh dill and potato/leek: they actually inspired me to search the internet for recipes so I could learn to make them myself (and I do so now). Currently, they're down to only one soup choice, which is pretty good, but I would really like to see them expand their selection again.

They also serve pizza, but I'm not really into it.

Finally, they're expanding their soup selection again! I had the tomato basil soup, and my only complaint was that I would have liked more of it. I've a so tried the truffle mac & cheese for a change: it was unique and tasty, but I've had better at Buster's. Now that Buster's is closed, I'll have to try the mac & cheese at Field House since it changed owners.

Picazzo's is gone, much to my surprise and disappointment. They always seemed to be doing well, being a frequent meeting place for NAU faculty and staff. Not that that necessarily means anything. I remember Blair's Fine Dining downtown: I don't recall ever eating there, but it closed down because the manager skipped town with the money. The Blockbuster Video (now Cafe Rio) closed for similar reasons.

Oh, well, another one bites the dust.

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Business Category:Local or small chain (3-20 locations)
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Lunch (1-10):8
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Cleanliness (1-10):8
Service (1-10):7
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How often visited:Many times
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Last known visit:2017-06-06
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