Mamma Luisa Italian Restaurante

This is the only traditional Italian restaurant in town. It's pretty good, but not great. The pesto linguini is the best dish I've had there, and the red clam sauce is decent. However, it's on the east side, and it's only open for dinner, so I'm not likely to go back anytime soon.

The best Italian restaurant I've ever been to was Mario's in Detroit. This was an old-fashioned art-deco place, and a serious mob hangout. I'm not joking! I'm talking big black cars out front, pinstripe suits, sunglasses, hats, and bulging armpits. But oh-my-gosh, the antipasto was to die for (perhaps literally).

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Business Category:Local establishment (1-2 locations)
Breakfast (1-10):
Lunch (1-10):
Dinner (1-10):7
Cleanliness (1-10):7
Service (1-10):7
Noise (1-10):7
How often visited:A few times
How likely to return:Probably not
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Last updated:2016-09-02

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