Lumberyard Brewing Co

Iíd intended to check out the Toasted Owl today, but there was a waiting line: if this is going to be one of those way-too-popular places, like MartAnneís or Brandyís, I may be tempted to give it a miss. In the meantime, I dropped by Lumberyard for only the second time ever (the first time was shortly after it had opened). This day, I had the patty melt with a side of mac & cheese, and it was quite good, albeit not the best in town. [Bun Huggers still has my favorite patty melt, and I must confess that the new Busterís has the best mac & cheese, but Iím still not inclined to go back there anytime soon.]

This location used to be Copeland Lumber, which Iíd shopped at once or twice. Iím pretty sure my old brick-and-board shelves were bought there in 1991, several years before the Home Depot opened up. I seem to recall there wasnít a truly flat 1x8 in the whole place: it was all warped.

I canít remember for sure, but it seems to me that Lumberyard is a spin-off either of Beaver Street or Mogollon. Beaver Street was the first microbrewery in town, and Mogollon was the third (Flagstaff Brewery, aka ABC, was the second). Beaver Street beer was pretty lightweight, but clean. Flagstaff and Mogollon tasted rough at first, but eventually they became much better.

Just when their beer was at its peak, Mogollon invested in a gigantic reflux still and started producing overpriced, mediocre vodka. They left their downtown site (which became the Green Room), moved operations to Industrial Blvd, and went out of business sometime thereafter. Historic Brewing took over that site, and eventually opened up a second location downtown in the old Shakey Drakeís building south of the tracks.

These are the breweries I know of in Flagstaff: Beaver Street, Flagstaff, Historic, Lumberyard, Mother Road, Dark Sky, and Wanderlust. I was never impressed with Beaver Streetís beer (great food, though -- I need to write a review of that place), Flagstaff and Lumberyard are good, Mother Road is excellent, and I havenít tried the others yet. Iíve never seen such a (relatively) small town with so many breweries: Green Bay WI, a larger city in the heart of beer country, had all of two when I visited there in October 2015 (a third one there had just gone out of business).

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