Lone Spur Cafe

Ever since the Crown Railroad closed their west side location, southwest Flagstaff has really needed a good breakfast place. Country Host and Field House came and went, and were never all that great. Galaxy is okay, but never held a candle to the Crown Railroad. The new Over Easy is also okay, but not outstanding.

The huevos rancheros here are very nearly the best in town, and the cowboy benedict is a mass of heart-stopping goodness. Outstanding chili, better than Country Host or Bun Huggers, and the best I've found in Flagstaff so far -- this rates a favorite. The patty melt is massive, but not as good as Bug Huggers. Omelettes are good, but don't hold a candle to Crown Railroad. Corned beef hash is good, but not as good as IHOP. Tuna melt is excellent, better than Campus Coffee Bean but not as good as Crown Railroad. Coleslaw is better than Crown Railroad but not as good as Galaxy.

The cowboy atmosphere is a tad cheesy, but quaint, and the music is a tad loud. Also, stay away if you're vegan: this place is carnivore central. But if you want a good, Western-style feed, this is the place to go. It could very well become one of my favorite restaurants in this part of town.

The location was previously Picazzo's Healthy Italian Kitchen, which had good soups and pasta, not to mention vegan and gluten-free options. Their menu changed periodically, however, and more often than not they tended to drop the very items I liked the best.

Before that it was a Souper Salad, which I'd only been to a couple of times. Flagstaff needs a really good soup and salad bar. Sizzler's okay, but not great.

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Business Category:Local or small chain (3-20 locations)
Breakfast (1-10):8
Lunch (1-10):8
Dinner (1-10):
Cleanliness (1-10):8
Service (1-10):8
Noise (1-10):5
How often visited:Routinely
How likely to return:Definitely
Last known visit:2019-02-25
Last updated:2019-04-20

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