Granny's Closet

Granny's Closet has closed. The property, as well as some adjacent lots, has been purchased by NAU. I hope they put in a public parking ramp, but more likely than not it will become yet another monstrous 5-story housing nightmare like the Hub next door.

The few times I went there, it was like walking into some "family" supper club in northern Wisconsin (Spankyís comes to mind) that was basically a bull-pen with a sports bar, a scattering of tables, a few video games for the kids, and a pathetic little island that pretended to be a salad bar. OK, Grannyís isnít quite that bad, since they put the sports bar in a separate section, but I still was never favorably impressed. In any case, Iíve heard that they changed owners and went even further downhill like so many other places in town.

One of my friends used to rave about the place, because of the cheap-n-plenty chicken wings. Years ago I tried their Scandinavian salted ribs. Meh. Theyíre no longer on the web menu.

Grannyís Closet has its own fascinating history, however. This is way before I moved to Flagstaff, but Grannyís was originally the Paul Bunyan Cafe, and they were the birthplace of the original Muffler Man (a familiar icon to followers of Zippy the Pinhead)!

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