Flagstaff Family Food Center

I don't actually eat here, but I volunteer once a month to wash dishes.

The reason I wanted to write about this place is that the location was once the Christmas Tree, which was my absolute favorite restaurant in Flagstaff. It had a quiet, intimate, Christmas-themed atmosphere and decor, and the service was outstanding. Pickled beets and cinnamon rolls were served with the meal. The menu featured such dishes as beef stroganoff and chicken & dumplings. As with Oregano's, the recipes tended to be on the salty side. Nonetheless, I still have very fond memories of the original location.

Then they moved to a new location over at Country Club Dr, and as far as I'm concerned, they went down the toilet. It's not so much that their food went downhill, though the portions shrank and the prices rose. What was really lost was the quiet, intimate, quirky atmosphere that I treasured. The new location was very popular, and noisy, and may have made money hand-over-fist before the chef finally retired, but I really hated what had happened to that place.

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