Delhi Palace

Best lunch buffet in town, if you like Indian food. I wish they had tomato soup, and the tandoori chicken is somewhat odd since it's smothered in sauce and veggies. Nonetheless, since I started going back after a long hiatus, I've liked everything they've served for lunch.

The veggie soup is quite tasty. The cabbage salad with yogurt dressing is a real treat. There are always several good veggie dishes, and whenever the goat dishes are available, I zero in on them. The spice level is mild, but there is hot chili paste at the buffet if you want to zip things up a bit.

It was not always the best, even when it was the only place in town. The food was OK, but the service was terrible: it was patronizing at best, or otherwise just plain snide. When Indian Paradise first opened next to Bun Huggers, I high-tailed it over there [that location is now Himalayan Grill]. But then the Delhi Palace management changed, the food improved significantly, and the service is outstanding! I highly recommended it, at least for lunch.

New location: They've moved to the Hilltop Shops at Woodlands Village, where 7ate9 used to be, next to Teppan Fuji. They did a great job with the interior, and it's quite spacious. When the Hilltop Shops first opened, that location was an Italian restaurant called Bella Donna, but it was not all that good, and it didn't last long. 7ate9 was oustanding -- the best deli in Flagstaff -- with wonderful, monstrous sandwiches. They were originally on the corner of West and 6th, where the Eat n'Run Cafe currently is. It was a shame to see them go, especially since no other sandwich place in that part of town comes even close.

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Business Category:Local establishment (1-2 locations)
Breakfast (1-10):
Lunch (1-10):8
Dinner (1-10):
Cleanliness (1-10):8
Service (1-10):8
Noise (1-10):6
How often visited:Routinely
How likely to return:Definitely
Last known visit:2018-07-03
Last updated:2018-07-08

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