Air Café

Located at the airport, this little diner is the only place within walking distance of my office. Nonetheless, I hardly ever think to eat here. The food is not at all bad, just average. The selection isn't extensive (mostly eggs and burgers) but there is beer on tap, which is welcome when I'm waiting for a flight out. The hamburgers are good, but like most places in town, they don't have a multigrain bun. Too bad they don't do a patty melt or tuna melt. The coffee is Starbucks. It used to be called "Blu Moon", and I can't remember what it was called before that. They now have newly printed menus.

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Business Category:Local establishment (1-2 locations)
Breakfast (1-10):6
Lunch (1-10):6
Dinner (1-10):
Cleanliness (1-10):5
Service (1-10):7
Noise (1-10):7
How often visited:A few times
How likely to return:Maybe yes
Last known visit:2017-03-31
Last updated:2017-04-09

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